The One With The Baby On The Bus

Season 2 - Episode 6

Chrissie HyndeStephanie
Max WrightTerry
Victor Raider-WexlerThe Doctor
Catherine BellRobin
Hugh DaneJim
Jennifer SommerfieldBecky
Giovanni Ribisi

Monica's upset that Ben doesn't like her because he always cries when she holds him. Then Ross has an allergic reaction to a kiwi pie Monica baked and she rushes him to the hospital. They leave Ben with Chandler and Joey, who use the baby to "pick up" some women on a bus. The guys get off with the women to have a drink and leave the baby on the bus!!!! When they go to the Transit Authority, they find two lost babies and can't tell which is Ben. They flip a coin and hope for the best. Back at the apartment, they are relieved when Monica picks the baby up and he starts crying. Meanwhile, Terry, the manager of Central Perk, hires a professional musician to play on Sunday afternoons. When Phoebe realizes she is the only one not being paid, she quits and starts playing outside with her guitar case open. She makes a little money but, at the end of the day, she realizes it's more important for her just to play for herself -- so she goes back to playing in the coffee house for free.