The One With Ross' Denial

Season 6 - Episode 3

James Michael TylerGunther
Brooke BoisseThe Potential Roommate

Ross is in denial about his feelings for Rachel. Phoebe warns him to take it slow, but he pays no attention. Ross ends up volunteering to have Rachel move in to his place. Phoebe tells him to cautious because Rachel is not in the same place as him. Ross once again denies having feelings for Rachel. Meanwhile, Monica and Chandler discuss what they should do with the second bedroom in "their" apartment. Monica would like to turn it into a guestroom and Chandler wants it to be a game room. This discussion leads to a fight. After making up, Chandler drops the bomb and asks Monica where his "Barcalounger" should go in the living room. She does not want his chair anywhere near the apartment. This leads to another fight and it's questionable whether they will move in together. Ross, motivated by his feelings for Rachel, helps Monica and Chandler to work things out. Joey has begun his search for a hot, young, female roommate.